Building a locker room

When desciding what to furnishing a locker room there are three main things to consider; the floor, storage and lights. This can be a costly procces and you may find it hard to balance all the expemsives woth the needs of the users.

Metal lockers provide safe storage for your colleagues, students and team mates' belongings. There are many different types of design of metal storage lockers. Single, double or even triple tier storage can be found depending on how much individual locker space you require. There are different widths available as well; extra wide lockers can be useful for storing books and clothing.

Vented sports lockers can take advantage of airflow in a room. Although the vents allow visibility into the lockers, they are extremely secure and are perfect for gym use. Extra wide models are also available for this type of locker and provide even more space for sports kit and other belongings.

Open access lockers are also available and provide safe storage for the person's belongings. The top section can be padlocked and a coat rod and foot locker is included for maximum compartment space. Padlocks can also be added to the foot locker for any items that would not want to be stored in the open.

For the floor many things have to be taken into consideration, but the primary concern is the safety of the users. If the changing room links on to a shower room then its extra important to chose the right floor. Carpet whilst safe is very impraticle for a changing room, as its hard to clean and if it get wet will become moldy. This is why must places use tiled floors for there changing room. It's easy to clean and does not absorb water. However they can be very slippery when wet and it be nessesary to buy  non-slip matting to place on the floor. Another approach would be to use a cork floor, but these are very expensive to buy or replace.

A locker room needs to have the right lighting condisions other wise it will be hard to see and give the room a bad feel to it. If the room is poorly lit then people may trip and fall which will hurt then and your reputation. However if the room is to bright it may be blinding and then people may stubble and fall. Having the right coloured lights is important aswell, light light with white wall may be to bright and a yellow light agaist dark walls may be to dark. Avoid red lights.

In conculsion designing a room is very difficult and where possible use a porffessional designer. But it you are building your own then remeber to chose safe and secure lockers, have a non-slip mat on any slippy floor and choose lighting which gives the room a great feel. Stlye should never come above user functionality or safety.

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